Application for the next batch is now open | Upto 100% scholarships for female students available

Application for the next batch is now open | Upto 100% scholarships for female students available

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IIT Madras, India’s top technical institute, welcomes you to the world’s first BSc Degree program in Programming and Data Science.

For the first time, you can work towards an undergraduate degree / diploma from an IIT regardless of your age or location, and with a wide range of academic backgrounds.

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BSc in Programming and Data Science

with option to exit earlier with Foundation Certificate or Diploma(s)

Program covers all topics thoroughly starting from the foundations. Anyone who has completed class 12 can apply.

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Diploma in Programming / Diploma in Data Science

For applicants with knowledge of the foundations and working professionals looking to up-skill. Anyone who has completed UG degree or at least two years of any UG degree can apply.

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Sample the First Week Content and Assignments!

As a sample, Week 1 content videos have been made available for the first four Foundational Level courses for you to try and learn from. We recommend you to check out these lectures and try the sample assignment we have put out for each course. Here are the links to Week 1 Content & Assignment Pages -


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Key Events

7th July 2021; 5:00pm - Panel Discussion - Career in Data Science View video
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IIT Madras is pioneering a completely online program to produce graduates who will be employable in the sector that presently has high demand - Programming and Data Science. The program uses an innovative combination of online learning and in-person assessment and is flexible and affordable. I believe the program will be a gamechanger in the field of education in India in the coming years and inspire other top-ranking institutions to launch many such online initiatives.

Who can join? 

No age or stream restrictions.

Can learn from anywhere. Note that the exam centres are currently restricted to India, UAE and Sri Lanka.

Check out Eligibility.

What is being offered?

BSc Degree in Programming and Data Science

Option to exit earlier with a Foundational Level Certificate or Diploma(s)

Are these official Diplomas and Degree of IIT Madras?

Yes. IITM senate approves and offers the Diploma(s) and Degree.

Degree holders become alumni of IIT Madras.

What is the Qualifier Process? 

4 weeks of online courses and assignments to be completed.

Those who get minimum required scores in weekly assignments in the 4 weeks will get to write Qualifier Exam broadly based on the 4 weeks of content.

Those who get minimum required scores in Qualifier Exam get to register for Foundational Level courses.

What is the Structure of the Program? 

The program is split into three levels that have to be completed strictly in sequence:

1: Foundational Level (8 courses)

2: Diploma Level (6 Programming courses + 6 Data Science courses)

3: Degree Level (11 courses)

For more detailed information about the IITM Online Degree program, our courses and fee structure, check out the

World Class Faculty

World Class Faculty

Learn from carefully designed courses taught by experienced IIT Madras faculty and other industry experts.

Curated Content


Our program is flexible with multiple entry and exit points for learners from different backgrounds with different aspirations.

Course Options

Course Support

Each course will have discussion forums with an active academic team to help in clearing doubts.

Why learn Programming & Data Science? 

Decision making is increasingly becoming data driven within the commercial sector and the government. There is a large quantity of data readily available for this at present. Smart devices connected to the internet bring more input sources, apart from those generated by humans as they interact with services and one another. Data driven decision making involves the analysis of large volumes of data to identify patterns and build predictive models. This requires a combination of skills ranging from computing, statistics and mathematics, and is broadly labelled data science.

As formal academic programs in data science are only just emerging, there is a huge gap between the demand for data scientists and the supply of suitable qualified applicants in the job market. The throughput of traditional classroom programs is limited and will not be able to provide the numbers needed to meet the upcoming requirements. Online teaching has the potential to train much larger numbers, but delivering scale without diluting quality has proven to be a challenge until recently.

This program therefore aims to create a thoroughly trained programmer, proficient in application development, data sciences and machine learning. View Less

Testimonials from our learners

What do Industry Experts have to say about our Program

Mr.Sandeep Alur

Director - Microsoft Technology Centre, India

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V.P - Talent Acquisition, Infosys

Watch video
Dr.Kingshuk Banerjee

Partner - Cognitive Computing and Analytics, IBM Services

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Dr.Shankar Venugopal

V.P - Mahindra & Mahindra

Watch video
Dr.Manish Gupta

Director - Google Research India

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